Sheffield DocFest x Beyond Story Study Group

mood: “when and why did story become today’s pre-eminent mode for documentary? what gets lost when storied structures prevail?” via world records journal

reading: an ultraviole(n)t border by ersela kripa & stephen mueller (thanks, shelby doyle)

watching: call my agent! (via netflix), it’s in french, cynical and witty

listening to: avril 14th by aphex twins (via youtube)

thinking about: shade equity and site perspectives, after listening in to to student presentations on accessible dwelling units (ADUs) and machine learning at SCI-Arc. the class is part of a research effort supported by google’s artists + machine intelligence program.

working on: a lightning talk on how i work with artist communities at google research

what’s this? a weekly post to share what’s on my mind. leave a note, ask a question, say hello: kozanecka@gmail.com




Creative Director, Filmmaker. Currently @Google. Ex @MuseumModernArt @JWTNewYork

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Eva Kozanecka

Eva Kozanecka

Creative Director, Filmmaker. Currently @Google. Ex @MuseumModernArt @JWTNewYork

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